My Art

Darth Talon Cosplay Seattle Area. Fun Location.


Just Breathe


One Sick Puppy


The Contradicting Smile


The Disturbingly Beautiful Truth


I Dabble In Cosplay Photography. Cha….


The Naughty Housewife


Once Upon A Time I Tried To Go Pro. 2009 era, Nice Couples Boudoir Though


Petticoats Are The Shit


More Pinup Work From A Lovely Dame


Untitled Fun


Embrace The Ink


A Mere Curiosity


The Woman I Want To Be


Braving My Social Anxiety To Get A Photo I Wanted


The Streets Of Pike Are Stunning, But Terrify Me With The Seas Of People


Stupid Happy


A Brief Project I Started Which Died, Pinups For Cancer. My Business, A Lovely Dame.


Channeling Vargas And Elvgren Was So Much Fun And Clients Enjoyed The Experience


The Wounded Phoenix

A Mother In Waiting

The Mother In Waiting

The Mother Who Failed

The Mother Who Fails

Pending Happiness

Pending Happiness


The Desolation Of Me

Sel Inflicted Misogynist

I See The Light

In Between The Sheets

I See You

I See You

Drowning Within Myself

Going Under


Sexual Prowler

One Sided

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